No Love No Glory
"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music..." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Top 100 favourite non-animated films (in no particular order) (07/100)

Labyrinth (1986)

Well, come on feet.

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Alfred Hitchcock. Photographed by David Montgomery.


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River Phoenix circa 1988
River Phoenix circa 1988

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When I whet my flashing sword and my hand takes hold in judgment, I shall take vengeance upon mine enemies and I will repay those who hate me.

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Everybody told me there were no spiders, so when I saw three, I started crying. Jungles are not easy when you’re afraid of everything. I think I am a legitimate alcoholic. No, what’s it called? An arachnophobic.

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Aaron in “Lovelorn Poet” for Bullett’s romance issue, 2012 [x]

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